4th Gear:

LLIFE Legacy Services

This service involves the expertise of a personal LLIFE guide for one-on-one navigation support to reach your philanthropic destination as follows:

A. Confirm outcomes of LLIFE Living Legacy GPS Guidebook

  • Review and discuss Guidebook responses and summary outcomes
  • Confirm preliminary characteristics for research of giving options

B. Identify several preliminary philanthropic giving options

  • Discuss philanthropy giving options
  • Select three prospective grantees / charitable giving scenarios
  • Brainstorm "fit"criteria

C. Provide targeted research on prospective grantees / giving scenarios

  • Expand and confirm "fit" criteria
  • Summarize research
  • Recommend "fit" between client and prospective grantee / giving scenario using agreed upon criteria
  • Rank in order of appeal beginning with number 1 as the top priority

D. Design a tailored information survey, meeting, etc.

  • Discuss and confirm approach strategy, any survey / interview questions, format, etc. with client
  • Make appointment with prospective grantee / giving scenario
  • Conduct one exploratory interview

E. Provide LLIFE Living Legacy portfolio

  • Prepare report on outcome of survey / interview with recommendations to clients' financial, legal follow-up
  • Assemble portfolio for clients' financial, legal follow-up. Include items such as:
    • Legacy Guidebook responses / findings
    • Four – five prospect options with reasoning
    • Three prospect list with reasoning
    • The "fit" criteria list
    • Research on 3 prospects
    • Recommendation on 3 prospects with "fit" with reasoning
    • Prospect ranking list with reasoning
    • Information survey / interview questions for top prospect with reasoning
    • Report on outcome of survey / interview with top prospect
    • Overall recommendations to client

Contact us at Success@LivingLegacyInitiative.com for more information on Legacy Services.

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Congratulations for using the LLIFE Cause Gift Registry to support Causes/Charities of choice as a good will alternative to presents. Please let us know about glitches and betterment ideas at Success@LivingLegacyInitiative.com – thanks!