Living Legacy GPS Online Guide

Determining Your Global Philanthropic Setting

The GPS Online Guide provides an opportunity for you to answer questions related to Inheritance, Living Legacy, Life Experience in Giving Back and Philanthropic Risk Quotient. Your responses are then tabulated to provide your GPS to use in mapping the best route for making a difference in your community and across the globe.


Part I: Your Views on Inheritance

Rate the statements below on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - Least Agree, 5 - Most Agree) by clicking the respective circle.

Others' Opinions on Inheritace

I will leave my children "enough money so that they would feel they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing" Warren Buffett (82), Chairman Berkshire Hathaway

"I'm somewhat sympathetic to the view that you're not helping someone by leaving them zillions of dollars..." Rick Wagoner (59), CEO General Motors

“A good education is to learn to be self-supporting, so that they can build their own inheritance...” Eugene Lang (59), Founder Refac Technology Development

“Money messes you up. It is like a funhouse mirror. It distorts things and enables the worst. There is a degree of satisfaction of working for something. Heirs have no sense of accomplishing something on their own.” Richard Cohen (44), Grandson of Ben Eisenstadt inventor of the formula for Sweet 'N Low

“From a very early age, everyone associates you with your wealth and that can overwhelm your identity.” Jamie Johnson (44), Heir to Johnson & Johnson Fortune

It is important to “strike a delicate balance [between giving inheritance to their children and supporting charity].” Bob and Jill Carr (60s), Heartland Payment Systems

“Money is less of an excuse to do nothing and more a reason to do what we want without restraint.” Kelly Carr (26), Student Bob and Jill Carr's daughter

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