LLIFE A Campaign Consultation Service

LLIFE, Living Legacy Initiative for Entrepreneurs® concept emerged when we were outside the US and the news about Warren Buffet giving $32 billion to the Gates Foundation played everywhere.  We witnessed firsthand the international coverage of Buffet’s philosophy that “giving is every person’s responsibility”. It occurred to us that sole focus on the entrepreneur to help them achieve their philanthropic passion could be of benefit.

Then seven months later, Campaign Consultation was named one of the top companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine. After a symposium and award ceremony at Harvard, Inc. Magazine asked Campaign Consultation to co-present on corporate social responsibility with founders and CEOs such as Newman’s Own, Burt’s Bees, Honest Tea and Under Armor at their Inc. 500 conference. As if to confirm our earlier hunch, private business owners began asking us to help them map their personal philanthropic initiatives. Thanks to Buffet, Gates and feedback from many business leaders, Campaign Consultation founded LLIFE.

Campaign Consultation, Inc. – Entrepreneurs for Social Change

Campaign Consultation, Inc. works with individuals and organizations on issue-related campaigns at local, state, national and international levels to help clients create and sustain specific outcomes in community development, fund raising, diversity utilization, issue advocacy, media & marketing, public policy as well as organizational and business development.

Founded in 1988, Campaign Consultation, Inc. helps people acquire the confidence, skills and resources to design and advance "out of the box" strategies for goal achievement. Clients come from all three sectors and include Senior Corps; AmeriCorps*VISTA; AmeriCorps; Grameen Foundation; Office of Minority Health; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Texaco; Epilepsy Foundation of America; Virginia Supreme Court, etc. See our website for more details. www.campaignconsultation.com

"I'm not an enthusiast for dynamic wealth." Warren Buffett, Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway

Congratulations for using the LLIFE Cause Gift Registry to support Causes/Charities of choice as a good will alternative to presents. Please let us know about glitches and betterment ideas at Success@LivingLegacyInitiative.com – thanks!